Production of professional ozone generators and ozonation systems

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Industrial and medical disinfection

Our company has over 250 ozone generators of total efficiency of over 3kg ozone per hour, so we can take up every order regardless of its complexity.
We deal with industrial disinfection of:

  • production halls
  • food industry plants
  • fish, meat, fruit and vegetables processing plants
  • we can remove bacteriological contamination and react within 12 hours!

The biggest order that has been carried out by us so far was performed in a 12000 sqm factory hall and involved usage over 90 ozone generators with total productivity of 1 kg ozone per hour.
If the company, in which disinfection is carried out by us, doesn’t have its own microbiological laboratory, we can provide assistance by colleting swabs prior to and after the service in order to confirm the efficiency of our services.
We invite you to become familiar with scientific literature concerning ozone implementation in broadly-taken food industry. We work for international group of companies from the food industry branch. Since we are obligated by the provisions of contracts signed by us to preserve confidentiality and respect our customers, we can’t disclose the names of those companies.
We occupy ourselves also with disinfection in hospitals and surgeries.

  1. Ozone treatment in food industry
  2. Ozone treatment in fish processing
  3. List of bacteria and viruses killed by ozone
  4. Disinfection of hospital rooms
  5. Ozone in grain storage

Removal of smells

We deal with effective removal of smells of different origins, among others:

  • Cigarette smoke smell
  • Animals smells
  • Musty smells (including drying and checking the humidity level)
  • Industrial, production smells
  • Odor of burning

Removal of allergens and saprophytes

Ozone kills saprophytes and other allergens. We recommend ozonation treatment for all allergic persons. If it is possible for you to carry out ozonation of your rooms at least once a quarter of a year, 90 per cent of domestic allergens will disappear! Efficiency guaranteed!

  1. Ozone in allergy
  2. Allergens killed by ozone

Training courses

The training course program involves following issues:

  • Scientific principles concerning ozone
  • Operation of ozone generators
  • Effective execution of ozonation procedures in theory and practice
  • Principles of labor health and safety while carrying out ozonation services
  • Marketing

After conclusion of training course the participant is granted the status of Authorized Contractor. Ask questions concerning advantages of Authorized Contractor title: Authorized Contractor
Cost of training course - 800 PLN, net